“She Walks In Beauty” – My African Beauty Tips

January 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

My family has pledged to become more “green” this year and while they are heading towards organic foods (and a vegetable garden this summer?) I’m focusing more on my health/beauty regimen. The plan is to introduce natural skin care products, which are tried and true traditional African beauty tips, into my everyday life.


Aloe Vera

 is a natural emollient which helps protect, hydrate and elasticize skin cells. I use the serum on my face for 5- 10 mins before heading to bed. It is very soothing and leaves my face smooth and soft. It is very sticky and tightens your face upon application. I buy the Aloe Vera plant from my local farmer’s market or Whole Foods but it is also available at most greenhouses, nurseries and  home improvement stores like Home Depot and Walmart.

In Ghana, I used it for acne treatment and it actually helped. It also helped reduce the oily shine to my face.


The avocado scrub is quick and easy and great for spa parties! I mash the avocado with a spoon and add 2 tablespoon of pure honey. (Model Sessilee Lopez adds apricot to her mix. Yum, right?) I leave the mask on for 15 mins and rinse with warm water. Honey has antioxidants which helps rejuvenate skin cells and the avocado has anti-inflammatory properties which helps keep your skin hydrated.


Lime/Lemon –

is a natural deodorant and my grandmother swears by it. It is an easy way to remove body odor and keeps skin hydrated. You don’t have to smell to use lemon but it’s good for underarm odor. I usually use it after a hard day at the gym and leave it on my body for 5-10 mins before hopping into the shower.

Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub: My mother recommended the brown sugar scrub after my complains about how this winter cold is dying out my skin. This is an easy scrub that combines dark brown sugar with virgin olive oil. The sugar helps exfoliate your skin and the olive oil is a natural antioxidant and contains linoleic acid which helps with water retention – great for dry skin!. I also put a drop of vanilla extract in my mix for a sweet smell.

P.S This does not take the place of taking an actual bath...with soap!


South African Hair Mask Recipe – This I stole from Rocky 😮 I tried it a couple of times and it’s great for my hair. I use 2 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 egg yolk and pure honey. Just spread through your hair, cover with a shower cap and leave on for 20 mins, then rinse out thoroughly. It leaves your hair feeling baby soft and shiny. This is great for both natural and relaxed hair.

*There is no substitute for pure drinking water but for my requisite early morning glass, I am switching to warm water with lemon and ginger. It helps with your immune system and keeps skin clear.*

Are there any (natural) beauty products you swear by? We would love to hear about it!

* Pearls and Revolution *


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