‘On being a recent graduate’ by: A recent graduate

June 7, 2012 § 4 Comments

On this day, three hundred and seventy-something days ago  I walked down the steps to life as a recent graduate. Unsure of what to expect in an increasingly hostile and impersonal job market I focused on finding as much information as I could. In that week alone I probably managed to google ‘life after graduation’ and ‘tips for recent graduates’  more than was healthy.Everywhere  I looked there were lists like “Top ten secrets to succeed after graduation” and books about my apparent quarter life crisis. As seducing as these resources were, I was frustrated that I couldn’t find tips from people like me: actual recent graduates. While there is value in a retrospective opinion, there is also value in a present opinion. I didnt like the feeling that because I was experiencing it I couldn’t share. So I made my own list .

These are some of the lessons I’ve gathered this year in review. The messages may change tomorrow, next month, or three months later but the lessons remain the same. That is the beauty of participating in the present.

1. Be stubborn*
2. Make yourself happy with your decisions
3. Work because you love it
4. Be disciplined (different from cramming a 15 page paper in 3 nights discipline)
5. Identify your skills and TREASURE them
6. Get business cards
7. Save, save, save for a rainy day ( money, emotions, energy)
8. Draw, write, paint, knit…CREATE
9. Be comfortable with your insecurity*
10. Be open

*1: By this I mean sticking to your guns and not letting other well-intentioned individuals ( example: my mom) create a professional story for you that doesn’t correspond with your dreams. Be LOYAL to your dreams.

*2: I learned to find comfort in the things that made me feel uncomfortable. Most importantly I stopped fearing the future and started acknowledging that sometimes I’m not as confident as I would like. Confidence only comes with hard work so I put my nose to the grindstone.

I asked some of my friends what they learned here are some quotes that were very useful for me
“The best way to learn is from self-experience”-J. G
“…Graduating is a process”-M.B
“…use social media to the best of your ability…network your ass off and continue to educate yourself” –J.D.

Live well and abundantly.
Rockyatu Otoo for Pearls and Revolution


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§ 4 Responses to ‘On being a recent graduate’ by: A recent graduate

  • Tiffany says:

    This is awesome! So glad you’re talking about this topic. I graduated almost 2.5 years ago and am still struggling to find my place and follow my dreams. It’s hard not to let all the stuff around you affect you. Especially when you have bills to pay (student loans…sigh) and others expectations to live up to. One thing I would add is to follow your own path. Everyone’s is different and sometimes you need go a different route in order to end up in the same place as your neighbor. Don’t compare your success to others. It’s the worst thing you can do for your self esteem and for your future.

  • Thanks Tiffany that’s a lesson I have to relearn daily, I appreciate your input.


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