Is There A Luxury Fashion Market in Africa?

July 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been to a number of panels and conferences discussing the likes of “The Problem with Africa” or sometimes generously put, “Africa’s inability to dismantle the brunt of colonialism and shake off the capitalistic interests of foreign nations.” It’s safe to say some of these conversations happened on my college campus but I’ve always been frustrated with people enumerating the causes and effects of Africa’s global stagnation without offering or creating avenues through which social and economic automy can be realized. On July 11, Fashion Institute of Technology and Adirée, producers of African Fashion Week New York (AFWNY), hope to challenge these ’causes and effects’ narratives to offer a more nuanced discussion on the topic of an emerging luxury fashion market in various African cities and how sustainable fashion drives how we see clothing in the future. This panel discussion is the gateway for AFWNY 2012 and features some of Africa’s creative thinkers and designers.


Join us at the Katie Murphy Amphitheater on Wednesday, July 11 2pm – 4pm.

To rsvp for this event please email

xx Barbara x Pearls & Revolution xx


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