Press Feature: Ebony Magazine

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I was browsing the recently revamped Ebony website and saw this street style snap of Rocky during Africa Fashion Week NY.

She has the effortless New York cool down packed!



Dress: Designed by Rocky, Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Alice and Olivia

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Pearls of Motivation: Art is the use of Living

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“You have an experience that is unique to you use it”

I spent a lot of time thinking that this experience had to be drenched in prerequisites and formalities to be authentic. Watching Ringgold’s interview affirms otherwise. Use this. Nourish you. Take care ❤

Beasts of the Same Body : Redbone Girl x Yellow Fever

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Eating my cereal for dinner and browsing the web, I came across a blog post responding to the Twitterfire around Eric Benet’s song ‘Redbone Girl’. The post implied the backlash against the song tacitly suggests that dark skinned women see light skin women as more desirable. In other words if I, a dark skinned black woman have a problem with Redbone Girl its because deep down inside I don’t feel as beautiful. I think this young man missed the bright, shiny moral of the story by a long shot. The problem is not that dark skinned women don’t feel beautiful, it is that our declarations of beauty are always grandstanded by a bigger monster. While I am over here waving the flag for my chocolatey complexion, I am bombarded with comparisons that hold me in diminished regard. The praise of the Redbone Girl isn’t delivered in good ol’ fashioned” this woman is beautiful”, it comes wrapped in a message for dark skinned women- to attain praise, worthiness, and beauty we must attain the skin color.

Kenyan filmmaker and ethnographer Ng’endo Mukii explores this through the lens of an African woman in her film” Yellow Fever”. On her film she writes,

“I am interested in the concept of skin and race, and what they imply; in the ideas and theories sown into our flesh that change with the arc of time. The idea of beauty has become globalised, creating homogenous aspirations, and distorting people’s self-image across the planet. In my film, I focus on African women’s self-image, through memories and interviews; using mixed media to describe this almost schizophrenic self-visualization that I and many others have grown up with”

Redbone Girl and Yellow Fever illustrate the psychological warfare over beauty and value in our very own skin. Read. See. Explore, and share your thoughts with us

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Social Media Junkies

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Art Is Our Cool

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What does it mean to be beautiful? Can we cherish something ugly but inherently beautiful? Can we create something beautiful from something ugly? This is one of the underlying themes Wangechi Mutu and Brianna McCarthy explore in their beautiful/ugly art.

Wangechi Mutu

I’ve been obsessed with Wangechi Mutu’s art for years but I always saw it as a passing fancy. I mean, if I can’t own one art piece why fawn over it, right? Wangechi art is grotesque and yet appealing in the way she manages to draw the viewer in with a single glance.

Brianna McCarthy

I was looking through Brianna’s blog when my 7 year old sister glanced over my shoulder and decided to draw a representation of the “beautiful girls” for me. Can’t show it here because it’s a bit…indecipherable but I did enjoy her effort. I came across her AfterColour series when I was reading “Who Fears Death” by Nnedi Okorafor and I thought her art would fit in seamlessly with the novel. Since then I always try to write short stories about Brianna’s illustrations. Maybe I’ll share some day.


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Photo Recap: African Luxury Fashion Panel

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Farai Simoyi of Farai


Mesanga of Mesanga Fashion House

Panelists in Action
frm l-r : Farai Simoyi, Robin Shumays, Kibonen Nfi, Renarda Joy, Nadine Thomas, Afua Sam

Pearls and Revolution x Revolution and Pearls

Is There A Luxury Fashion Market in Africa?

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I’ve been to a number of panels and conferences discussing the likes of “The Problem with Africa” or sometimes generously put, “Africa’s inability to dismantle the brunt of colonialism and shake off the capitalistic interests of foreign nations.” It’s safe to say some of these conversations happened on my college campus but I’ve always been frustrated with people enumerating the causes and effects of Africa’s global stagnation without offering or creating avenues through which social and economic automy can be realized. On July 11, Fashion Institute of Technology and Adirée, producers of African Fashion Week New York (AFWNY), hope to challenge these ’causes and effects’ narratives to offer a more nuanced discussion on the topic of an emerging luxury fashion market in various African cities and how sustainable fashion drives how we see clothing in the future. This panel discussion is the gateway for AFWNY 2012 and features some of Africa’s creative thinkers and designers.


Join us at the Katie Murphy Amphitheater on Wednesday, July 11 2pm – 4pm.

To rsvp for this event please email

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